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General & Most Common

What is the main idea behind the establishment of Bitmine Online Ltd.? Is the company for ‘real’? And is there anything that really proves this?

Bitmine Online Ltd. is a cryptocurrency investment company established in 2017. The wide array of services we offer were specifically designed to assist Bitcoin holders in making good investment decisions. We are a London-based company that possesses a group of investment professionals covering many industries, ranging from engineering to advanced computer technology. Our group of professionals are widely versed in cryptocurrency techniques as well and can expertly answer any question you might have concerning cryptocurrency investment.

We have one main goal: to provide our customers with a unique platform for their cryptocurrency investment. This is why we have employed the use of a cutting-edge platform with extensive infrastructure. Our Bitcoin mining services is quite affordable and any of our clients can start investing as soon as they are ready. We are able to make this possible through the use of diversified investment options and different mining opportunities. This way, your risk is practically reduced, making your investment safer.

I want to become an active member by investing my Bitcoins. Are investment returns guaranteed? Or are there certain risks I should be aware of? You seem to provide a quite lucrative interest rate for a long period of time. Where is the funds coming from? What condition is required before one can become a member of your investment project? And is membership limited to certain countries? How many accounts are allowed per person? What about sharing my IP address with co-workers or family members? What fees are applicable to internal and external transactions, if any?

Affiliate and Representatives Program

What does affiliate program mean and can anyone benefit from it? Are active deposits required from me before I can earn affiliate commission? How does the Representative program work? I want to increase my earnings by applying for it.

Personal Account Administration

I’m ready to perform my first transaction, but I need an explanation on the main principles behind your program and how the interest accrues. How long does it take for my account to start generating interest after I make a deposit? Where will I receive the interest from my active deposits? I need to withdraw my funds, where do I go? How long does it take for withdrawals to be processed? Is it possible to add more funds to active deposits? Is there a restriction on the number of active deposits? How long will I receive interest for? When can I withdraw my initial deposit? What's the fee? What's the minimum withdrawal amount? My deposit was not added to my account after 3 confirmations, what do I do?